Sunday, June 1, 2008

Egypt in Video, pt. 2

The view from the top of Mount Sinai (yup, back to the mountain).

A look at some of our fellow climbers.

The sunrise, with some musical accompaniment. Our lens doesn't seem to be coping too well with the direct sunlight, which would explain that line down the middle.

Starting the climb down (this might look familiar to long time readers)

A couple of the climbers decided to stray from the path, much to the chagrin of one of the guides.

Watch out for that camel!

Here's a guy who was going to ride a camel on the way down, but then freaked out and wanted to come off immediately.

A cab ride in Dahab, which takes place in the back of a pickup truck.

The Hanging Church at Coptic Cairo.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Egypt in Video, pt. 1

We've been promising video for some time now, so here it is!

Our first videos are of our first cab ride in Cairo. This was also our first experience with Cairo traffic.

Here's a look at our room at our Cairo hostel, Samar Palace. We never did watch that TV.

Snow's busted toe. She broke it about two months before we left, and backpacked on it for 7 weeks! At least she had health insurance waiting for her when she got back.

Cairo at night. See how lively it gets there! Also, another look at the insane traffic.

The walk back to Samar Palace, which is located in an alley off the main road.

Yet another look at Snow's broken toe. Man, that does not look healthy, does it?

Testimonials: We were planning to do one of these every night, but that plan fell through pretty much immediately. Anyway, enjoy these.

More Cairo traffic.

We eventually figured out to how cross the street in Cairo (pray to Allah and then run like hell!), but how do you solve the roundabout at Talaat Harb Square?

Crossing the street on the way to The Pyramids.

In the cab on the way to The Pyramids. We're passing by Cairo University.

Our first glimpse of The Pyramids, from the cab. The voice you hear belongs to the cab driver's buddy, who tried to scam us into paying for a camel.

The Pyramids from just outside the entrance gate.

Some closed off area of one of The Pyramids at Giza.

Here we are jumping onto an English-speaking tour, which unfortunately was just concluding.

The back of the Sphinx' head. When have you ever seen that view?

Close up of a Pyramid

The view of The Pyramids from the restaurant where we had dinner.

The sun setting behind The Pyramids.

We thought the Light and Sound show was starting. What you hear is actually the call for Muslim prayer, which rings throughout Egypt five times a day.

The Light and Sound show starting for real.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Last Days in Egypt, pt. 2

A look at women's fashion in Cairo. One of these is not like the others...

A PACKED bus in Cairo. They all looked like this.

Traffic in Cairo is so crazy, even the street signs aren't safe. This one must have been knocked down by an errant cab.

The Nile is a river in Egypt. Here are some shots to prove it.

Much like the buses, the Cairo Metro is also packed.

Breakfast in Peter's flat just before we left for the airport.

Sumon looks like he particularly enjoyed the German breakfast...

Peter and his flatmate, Christian.

While we took over Peter's room...

...Peter slept on the couch!

A look at German coffee. Wow that's pretty!

Auf wieder sehen Peter!

Next time: All of our videos from Egypt, and after that, we move on to the rest of our trip (yes, we visited places other than Amsterdam and Egypt)!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Last Days in Egypt, pt. 1

Dinner on the last night in Dahab

Our new friends! From left: Johannes, Adrienne, and Ben.

There's German Tour Guide Peter on the left, also wondering what Sumon's doing with his hand.

Arriving back in Cairo on the overnight bus

Breakfast at Peter's flat

The Hanging Church at Coptic Cairo

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ok, Just a Few More Sinai Pictures

Just opened up a CD and found even more pictures from the walk down Mt. Sinai. What's amazing is that we actually deleted around a hundred pictures from this day, as we thought we had too many of them! Crazy, huh? You guys would be looking at Mt. Sinai for months. Well, we promise that this time, we're finishing out this set of pictures, and in the days ahead we'll be finishing the rest of Egypt, which includes our last nights in Dahab and in Cairo (which include our stay with Peter The German Tour Guide), Coptic Cairo, and our newest innovation: VIDEO!

That's right folks...the trip may be over, but the blog is just getting started, so keep checking in!

All the clothes Snow wore on the way up the mountain, arranged in neat little piles.

Some of the kids who impressed us so much. Imagine what they could do if their parents actually sent them to school.